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Splashy™ range begins with the swim nappy. Soft, flexible and secure round the waist and leg hems and made of recycled materials. Our all new Splashy™ Swim Nappy is available in our three most popular styles; Fergal, Seabiskit and Joni who all welcome our efforts to reduce the use plastics. Designed to swim school approved format in Cornwall and in partnership with the Swimming Teachers Association it’s the essential baby swimming product for use at home, on holiday in the pool or beach or in baby swim classes.

The new Splashy™ swim nappy still offers the same benefits as our original NeoNappy™ cover. Including 50+ UV protection and providing a soft, stretchy, impermeable shell, while the close-fitting waist and leg hems offer a good seal around the tummy and legs. All without using man made neoprene made from oil. 

You can team this up with a matching Splashy™ swimsuit or matching Splashy™ wetsuit, to help keep your little ones warm and UV protected in water. 

The technical stuff:

All our Splashy™ range is constructed using our own e-Flex™ material which is a combination of stretchy Nylon, soft comfy plush inner and a waterproof sandwich filling of recycled plastic. For the Splashy™ Swim Nappy we use stretchy and close fitting Lycra for the waist and leg hems to help keep any ‘little accidents’ where they belong long enough to get out of the pool in good time.

*Please note that the Konfidence Splashy™ Swim Nappy is a garment and in this instance does come up small. They should fit reasonably snug, however if you are in doubt we would recommend ordering the next size up.




XX-Large (20-24)

18 to 24 months

14 to 17 kg (31 to 37.5 lbs)

Toddler (21-30)

24-30 mnths

17 kgs +