Hi,  Concerning your product https://www.incywincy.net/collections/swim-nappies/products/konfidence-splashy-swim-nappy-1 .  Are the nappies 100% waterproof,  so that neither the pool water can enter inside the nappies?

These swimwear will allow water to enter the briefs from the waist.  This are not watertight swimwear.  With body movement and need for breathability it is not possible to prevent the water entering the brief.

 I bought this (Hi Line Girls) swimsuit for my granddaughter who is autistic and not toilet trained. How do we use it. Does it need a nappy pad or something else inserted and if we do will the swimsuit keep it dry?

You do not need to put any pads on inside the waterproof briefs.  The pad will not remain dry as there is always exchange of water. The swimsuit will contain any bowel accident your daughter may have. If she does soil, they please empty content into the toilet first.  Then the swimwear can be rinsed in cold water to remove the chlorine before putting it in the washing machine.


What if I do not want to use Paypal or Express Checkout?

No problem, You don’t need to use PP or Shop, just select ‘add to cart’ on the product or ‘buy it now’ ignore ‘Express checkout’ input your shipping address detail and continue to shipping and next page will say ‘Continue to Payment’ (blue button) click that and you can input your credit/debit card payment.

Other ways to pay

Dear Sir/Madam, I am after some swim shorts for my son he is in full time nappies and unable to go swimming i have got him swimming lessons if i can get him some swimwear. I am unable to pay online is there other ways that i can pay please?

We have a range of swimwear for boys who are incontinence. If you let me have you address then I will send you our brochure and order form - you can pay by postal order or cheque.

Loose bowel movement

I teach a special needs child who is to be put on medication to loosen up his bowels. I have asked his mum not to bring him swimming for a couple of weeks so he can settle into the medication and see if there is a pattern to his diarrhoea so he may be able to come back to his lessons. Obviously I am concerned if he has a bout while in the pool I would have to close the pool! Would any of your products help? He is 5 years old.

We have a range of swimwear called the Hi Line. There is Swim Trunks and Swim Boxers. Both with waterproof swim nappy. You must make sure you match the little boys waist and upper leg measurement with the sizing on our website.

Delivery charges

Why do you charge for delivery?

It is not free to send out items. Our charges are for 'Shipping and Handling' , this means we only charge customer what we are charged by courier or Royal Mail. In fact, we make no profit on 'Shipping and Handling' when we take into account staff time, postal items and collection charges.

Exchanges - how can I get the item exchanged?

As we cannot do direct exchanges, you return the item in good condition and complying with our terms and conditions. Then wait for the refund to be processed and re-order online the correct item.

Wearing Pads

Should you wear pads inside the swim nappies?

No pads are required to be worn. In fact pads would make the swimwear look bulky and when soak will become heavy and uncomfortable.