Swim-sters Disposable Toddlers 3 pk


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Colour – White
UP360 Swim-sters Disposable Swim Briefs in pack of 3 for 3 years old +. Can be used instead of padded disposable swim nappies. No extensive fibre release means they do not block up pool filters.
  • Made from non-woven fabric with waterproof coating and designed to contain solids and not urine nor loose bowel movement without adding weight.
  • The thin single layer of waterproof disposable pants are designed to help contain up to 98% of bacteria associated with recreational water illnesses
  • As they are not padded they are not absorbent nor contain liquid
  • Fit comfortably and are worn discreetly under a swimsuit.
  • Designed to not come apart in the water and clog filters
  • Non-woven with polyurethane coating
  • Please note this is a non-returnable item – if returned no refund will be made.

  • Made in USA


waist 39-50 cm/ upper leg 27-35 cm

4T-3 Waist 41-55 cm/Upper Leg  30-38 cm
Swim-sters Disposable Toddlers 3 pk - Incy Wincy Swimstore
Swim-sters Disposable Toddlers 3 pk - Incy Wincy Swimstore