Zoggs - Splashems water toys

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Make a splash with Zoggs Splashems - the ultimate water toys for endless fun in the sun!

Introducing Zoggs Splashems water toys - an ultimate companion for your little ones while they make a splash in the pool. Designed with safety and fun in mind, these vibrant and durable water toys will keep your children engaged for hours. Made from high-quality materials, these toys are perfect for promoting essential swimming skills such as hand-eye coordination, diving practice and breath holding; all whilst having heaps of fun! Let your child unleash their imagination with our playful sea creatures that come in various sizes and colours to keep them entertained. Get ready to create unforgettable memories of family fun under the sun with Zoggs Splashems water toys!

  • Encourage water confidence and improve swimming skills in children
  • Made from durable materials, ensuring longlasting playtime fun
  • Bright colors and playful designs make them attractive to kids of all ages
  • Easy to pack for a beach day or pool party, providing endless entertainment for the whole family

There are 3 figures - Zoggy The Seal; Tommy Turle; and Ozzy Octopus

These characters will help your child become naturally confident in the water by attracting their attention to the fun of squirting water.

Recommended for age 3+ 

Approx height of toys between 4cm /1.5" to 6cm /2.5"