KesVir swimwear

More about our Swimwear

Just to let you know more about our swimwear.  I'm sure you have questions about how our swimwear works and what makes it work.  So we have created a video to give you some idea about our information

 All the swimwear is designed for bowel incontinence, but sometimes if the fit is snug urine will also be contained, hence when you come out of the pool, the urine or water contained within the pants will not run dowm the legs.

The most important detail to remember is that the fit of the swimwear.  As it is impossible to make a standard size, each customer must take measurement before making a purchase of any of the incontinence swimwear.  Be it swim nappy or incontinence swimsuit or swim shorts.

The swimwear will provide comfort and security when you go swimming.  It provides confidence when having your hydro session or swimming lessons.

You could use for children who need permanent protection or for when potty training.  Whatever your the purpose, it is will make your life easier.  

Reusuable protective swimwear will save money and friendly for the environment.