Swim-ster Reusable Cover

Swim-sters Swim Nappy cover can be used as swim nappy or nappy cover.

  • Designed to take the place of traditional cotton and disposable nappies when your child is playing in the water.
  • Designed to contain solids without adding weight and does not absorb or contain liquids.
  • Made to fit comfortably under a swimsuit.
  • This swim nappy is machine washable and it has been tested and approved for use as an extra barrier and protector when used with disposable nappy products.
  • Sizes:
  • 2T [8.9 - 13.3kgs];
  • 3T [13 - 17.8kgs]:  Waist 39-50 cm / Upper leg 27-35 cm
  • 4T [18kgs +]:  Waist 41-55 cm / Upper leg 30-38 cm