Boy's Incontinence Shorts

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These cool looking incontinence pants help boys who have problems staying dry during the day. Our incontinence pants for boys will help him to use energy on education and activities and not on how he avoids teasing and ridicule due to visibly wet pants.

They are made with as high absorbency as possible without making them look big and like nappies. They are cool-looking, neat, and just like any other kind of pants. They can therefore be a great help to increase your child’s quality of life whilst you work out how to solve his problem.

The pants can absorb a small accident or 2 (approx. 80 ml) and can be washed at 60 degrees. These incontinence underpants for boys are also suitable for daytime wetting.

Care of incontinence underpants:
To wash the underpants, it is best to use a neutral washing powder and temperatures of up to 60 degrees. We generally recommend air-drying our incontinence pants to protect the material, but they can also withstand tumble drying - however, they stay neat for a shorter time.

The pants are produced in Europe.


The incontinence pants can absorb a small accident or 2 and can absorb approx. 75 - 80 ml. The boy models can absorb approx. 80 ml and the girl models can absorb approx. 75 ml. We have tried to give the underwear as high an absorbency as possible without making them look big and like nappies. The incontinence pants are made with a certain textile that let the urine stay in the pants and thereby seldom become visible.  

Fitting and design

The briefs have a perfect fit and we have tried them out on our own children in the developmental process. The design is contemporary and modern and look like the underpants your child would normally wear. We have chosen colours which in a wet or dry state are almost the same. For instance we have no red underpants in our collection because it is very visible if a red garment gets wet. Also there are no plain coloured underpants in the collection. The pants are made for light incontinence, they are no bigger than normal pants and your daughter or son will not need to worry about friends making nasty comments about wearing nappies etc! Because they are not! They are just having a little invisible help! The underwear for children are produced in 7 sizes for boys and 6 sizes for girls in the age 5 – 16 years. The size guide will help you choose the right size.  


The briefs for incontinence are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The absorbing part of them is made from 100% cotton. They do not contain any harmful substances and are certified with Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Class 1. The absorbing layer is anti-bacterial and breathable.  

Washing instructions

You can machine wash the underpants at 60 degrees Centigrade and they will shrink max 5%. We recommend neutral detergent, so the colours will keep clear for longer. They can be tumble dried, although will keep the shape for longer if not.